I Build America Membership

$ 1,000.00
Type: Memberships

Get Your Company Involved While Supporting The Movement

I Build America is where your company can show the nation what construction is all about. All proceeds go towards building pride in the construction industry and contributing to the success of the movement by investing in quality video content, website maintenance, and apparel.

If my company becomes a member, how will that help?

The I Build America movement aims to educate about the value of construction, recruit new workers to the industry, and build pride by showing America what you do best. Keeping up the movement costs money, especially when it comes to producing educational materials, resources for construction and other ways to help the industry.

All proceeds collected from our membership fees will be used to create recruiting tools and educational materials.

Your donation will help to: 

  • Build more engaging resources to promote construction, such as videos, apparel, comic books, readers, and activity books
  • Produce quality videos to tell stories about the value of the construction industry
  • Create high school recruiting assets to generate interest in construction careers
  • Establish career paths and how to get started in the industry
  • Help us unify construction around one simple message
  • Maintain our web presence at www.ibuildamerica.com

Additional Payment Options

If you would like to pay via Wire Transfer, please see the appropriate steps below. Once we receive your information, we will contact you with next steps. 

 Pay Via Wire Transfer:

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